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Cell phone bills pushing families over the financial abyss.“Maybe you should pay that penalty & bust out.” Harj Gill as featured on "Saving You Money."

According to the Boston Globe, "nearly half of Americans with mobile phones pay $100 or more per month, and more than 1 in 10 spend at least $200 a month, according to a September survey by CouponCabin, conducted by Harris Interactive. That’s a major cost for those struggling to make ends meet." Read full article here.

If you've found a cheaper provider, should you pay a penalty to break your existing contract? Now you can find out in seconds with the FREE patent pending "Bust My Contract" mobile app that could . . . SAVE you $100s each year.


U.S. Patent Pending.


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Should you Bust Your Contract . . .

What's your Bust Out early termination fee?

When will you break even?

How much could you save even AFTER paying your penalty?

DOWNLOAD this free app and find out if you should . . . Bust Your Contract.

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